Welcome to PAULIEWOOD.COM! "WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, HOW, and WHY" is PAULIEWOOD.COM? LOL! Well let me tell you! PAULIEWOOD.COM is a 24 hour LIVE reality/variety/game show where YOU (the user) gets to interact/participate/play LIVE online! PAULIEWOOD.COM will bring the Hollywood platform LIVE to the entire globe on the world wide web. Think about it! YOU get to be a part of all the excitement that Hollywood brings! LIVE red carpet events, celebrities, LIVE music sitcoms and theater, the greatest DJ's, the most beautiful girls and craziest guys, and all this while YOU (the user) gets to interact and compete with other fans and cast members in games and contests to win REAL prizes! Like gift bags loaded with products from our sponsors, trips to LA, weeklong stays in thePAULIEWOOD.COM COMPOUND, and brand new cars! Hi! I'm PAULIEWOOD, welcome to PAULIEWOOD.COM! Stay tuned for more to come!


    PAULIEWOOD is always ready to make a statement and there is no better way to to let the world know you're here than with NASCAR! With over 100 million fans nationwide, NASCAR is PAULIEWOOD'S conduit from the racetrack to the internet. Check out the PAULIEWOOD.COM NASCAR racing at a track near you! LIVE at NASCAR w/the PAULIEWOOD.COM NASCAR!

  • "If you want to rock like Hollywood, you gotta click on PAULIEWOOD!"

    Everybody wants to be a part of Hollywood. That is why thousands of people move here every year to chase after their dreams. But what if you could be a part of magic from the comfort of your own home, at your own computer? That's where PAULIEWOOD.COM comes in! It is the newest entertainment and social media platform that allows the user to help create the content, from the 24/7 live reality show, to recording music, putting on plays, and attending the hottest parties.

  • Ready... Set... GO!

    "PAULIEWOOD.COM is well on it's way. The prototype site is built and we are already pre-signing up users. We plan to launch 2nd quarter 2018 in time to kick off the summer PAULIEWOOD style." It will include the PAULIEWOOD compound where members of the reality show component will live in a custom designed storefront or warehouse on a busy boulevard or section of town for all to see! "That's right, fans will be able to walk right by the compound and check out the action inside!" The plans for this space are currently underway being led by top notch architects and designers whose past projects include top TV reality shows.
    The compound will include a rotating cast of people who get selected through contests and fan votes from the social media site. They will be up & coming musicians, actors, artists, you name it, who will get the chance to live in the compound and interact with celebrity and industry guests (including a long list of celebs we can't yet release!) who will be regularly stopping by to help with the creative process.This is not just your typical reality show. Sure there will be partying (a la Jersey Shore), drama (a la Real Housewives), and competition (a la The Apprentice) but Pauliewood allows for a new level of fan interaction and creativity.

  • "Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!"

    "While online, fans will be able to watch as many videos as they like simultaneously but will only be able to select one audio feed at time. So they can be listening to their favorite character's conversation in the kitchen but still see what's happening throughout the compound in case something sparks their interest." Fans will also be able to contact cast members live while the site is filming and give them feedback, opinions, or even let them know if something is happening somewhere else in the house they should know about! Fans will also be able to enter contests with prizes that range from winning a trip to LA to live in the PAULIEWOOD house for a week to a brand new car. Each fan with have his or her own profile and online presence and can be as involved as they want and accrue their own followers and fan base. There will even be opportunities for fans to earn money through follower sign-up.
    Cast members will be able to take part in fun theme days like Metal Mondays, where bands will perform live streaming from the PAULIEWOOD stage. The compound will also feature the PG's some of the hottest models in Hollywood who will be hanging out at the compound and attending clubs, parties, events, and red carpets with the cast. There will also be classes including fitness, dance, acting, and songwriting. The cast will write plays which will then be cast with real industry actors by professional LA casting companies for fans to attend. The cast will also create music and take fan suggestions for lyrics which will be available for free to fans for download on P-Tunes. "The goal down the line is for cast members to then go on tour and sell out stadiums of fans who want to watch because they helped write the lyrics through the online interactivity during the show. It's collaboration at its highest form and it's a lot of fun!"

  • "Passion rebuilds the world for the youth. It makes all things alive and significant!"

    It's like those 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books that you read as a kid. You get the general plot but you get to pick where the story goes. To me, PAULIEWOOD.COM is that same idea just magnified to the Internet where user interactivity is already at its height with sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube... the list goes on! It combines the hours you spend on social media and the hours you spend watching TV and allows you to get both 24 hours a day, seven days a week!
    Who better to host the show than PAULIEWOOD, himself. A high energy host with a charmed life including a career as a professional hockey player and as the founding member and guitarist in the rock band becky! which included Keanu Reeves and Rebecca Lord.
    PAULIEWOOD.COM is a 24-hour interactive look at what can happen in entertainment including personal relationships, live on-camera action, and real-life drama set amongst the backdrop of creativity and partying that is life in Hollywood. PAULIEWOOD says it best,"If you want to rock like Hollywood, you gotta click on PAULIEWOOD!"

  • LIVE from Hollywood it's PAULIEWOOD!

    PAULIEWOOD.COM will take place in a storefront or warehouse on a very busy boulevard or section of town. The compound will have a huge glass frontage for the entire busy street to look in on and watch. Always LIVE in Hollywood California and always something going on inside and outside the open air studio. PAULIEWOOD.COM is here there and EVERYWHERE!


    PAULIEWOOD wakes up and jumps out of bed leaving behind three gorgeous women all of which are dressed in sexy lingerie. PAULIEWOOD hilariously dressed in funny cartoon printed flannel pajamas heads over to the construction grade glass block enclosed bathroom not before peering out to the end of the storefront staring at the crowd of people staring back at him. “Oh what a great day it’s gonna be”, PAULIEWOOD says! Just before he can jump into the shower he hears a loud voice “Not so fast PAULIEWOOD!” He knows what that means. It's workout time! Not saying that he doesn't want to work out or anything, he was just up really late last night for a PAULIEWOOD.COM party, and what a party it was! Workouts are awesome though. It's PAULIEWOOD, his trainer, and the PG's dressed in their hot and sexy workout gear. I guess you're wondering who the PG's are? Well… that stands for Paulie's Girls! Nothing better than PAULIEWOOD and his hot, model, dancer, actress, girlfriends enjoying a great morning workout with his trainer, a huge crowd of people staring in from the street, and a few million people worldwide on the Internet! Now that's some quality workout time!

  • "Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we'll PARTY all over AGAIN!"

    Chef Andy can pretty much make anything to eat for PAULIEWOOD and his hungry team. So with the crew, staff, the crowd of people, and the Internet audience we have just created the world's largest cooking show ever! Every day Chef Eric and Chef Andy will come up with amazing things to eat and show the entire world how to prepare them live on the Internet.
    Interaction, connection, and real-life communication between PAULIEWOOD and every user on PAULIEWOOD.COM is priority one for him and his entire team. Everyone is VIP at PAULIEWOOD.COM!
    Next item on the agenda of things to do today will be planning another club style party for this evening. PAULIEWOOD will call his favorite promoter buddies to head over for a production meeting about the guest list, sponsors, go-go dancers and the DJs for the night. This is what will happen on a daily basis here at PAULIEWOOD.COM. Constant LIVE entertainment on the web for the entire world to see right here right now always live in Hollywood California on PAULIEWOOD.COM!

  • That's not the real world or reality. This is! Right here right NOW! LIVE REALITY with YOU, by YOU, and for YOU!

    Next PAULIEWOOD and his team are working on the first set of invites for an extremely lucky half dozen people or so from around the world to come live for entire week here at the PAULIEWOOD.COM compound! This will be a bi-weekly event. Some of the luckiest people from around the globe will get to spend a week in Hollywood with PAULIEWOOD.COM having the time of their life. Living the Hollywood dream will be a DREAM come true!
    Just think how fun it will be for six strangers to come to Hollywood and be entertained PAULIEWOOD.COM style. Red carpet events, Hollywood style parties, and just having a rowdy time with PAULIEWOOD. Not only will every single family member and friend of the individuals that come to hangout here at PAULIEWOOD.COM sign up as a user to watch their friend or loved one having a blast in Hollywood but the word will get out about a free trip to Hollywood and how cool it is to be on PAULIEWOOD.COM! This will generate a viral effect for user subscriptions and create exciting new character drama and a fresh rotation of guests for global audiences to be amused by. How amazing to be able to share the coolest Hollywood lifestyle live on the Internet 24 seven 365 and to have real people coming to a real place to have a real good time! Only here at PAULIEWOOD.COM!
    Every day and night will be filled with music, DJs, dancing, club style parties, day-to-day drama, with plenty of comings and goings by all of PAULIEWOOD’s friends and crew in and out of the PAULIEWOOD.COM compound. With the DJ booth, stripper poles, dance floor, dance platforms and Jacuzzi, living room, dining room and kitchen, lounge area, bedrooms and the construction grade glass block enclosed bathrooms, nothing is off limits to the live stream and the public (to some degree) here at PAULIEWOOD.COM.

  • Strippers, Ink, and Rock 'n Roll!!

    With beautiful women and that party attitude that we like to call “Strippers, Ink, and Rock 'n Roll!”, PAULIEWOOD will definitely be entertaining the masses with his fun party style antics, plenty of intriguing conversations, and lots of lifestyle events and happenings. The hottest girls in Hollywood modeling the coolest clothes, the greatest tattoo artists in Los Angeles inking up PAULIEWOOD and his crew, and live performances by the best comedians, musicians, dancers and DJs are just a few major attraction we will bring LIVE online!
    An on or off site rooftop pool (for the view of course!) will take care of one of the greatest PAULIEWOOD traditions, the infamous HOLLYWOOD POOL PARTY! Picture the hottest girls in the sexiest bikinis dancing up a storm to the hottest DJs in LA spinning up sounds OR just lounging poolside and looking sensational along with our fan favorite: PAULIEWOOD's sexiest bikini contest! Oh yeah!
    LIVE from Sunset or Hollywood Boulevard with a huge glass frontage and being able to see in the entire open air set, PAULIEWOOD and his entourage will be entertaining not only the entire globe via the Internet but live from Hollywood for anyone and everyone who wants to stop by and have a look right from the street or sidewalk. Talk about creating a buzz. Life will truly be LIVE for the whole world to see. Whether you're in Hollywood or on the Internet, PAULIEWOOD and his entire PAULIEWOOD.COM family will be there for you to have the dream entertainment experience ever brought to you LIVE and on the World Wide Web.

  • Nothing but a good time!

    Anything goes here. Everything can and will happen here at PAULIEWOOD.COM. This is definitely going to be the site for one-stop shopping, one-of-a-kind, never been done before, OMG I can't believe you just did that, Internet experience! From the time he wakes up till the time he goes to bed (sleep is optional!) PAULIEWOOD and his favorite people will always have something going on. Remember “You wanna ROCK like Hollywood you gotta click on PAULIEWOOD!” With PAULIEWOOD as the 24 hour a day host, look for just about anything to happen. Nonstop interactive entertainment will be the core goal of PAULIEWOOD and the entire PAULIEWOOD.COM entourage. Commitment to personal relationships, live on cam action, and real-life drama with a Hollywood party atmosphere is what we have in store for our global audience. LIVE from Hollywood it's PAULIEWOOD.COM!

  • "I'm not trying to conquer Hollywood. I'm just trying to live it! I love my day job... Having FUN!"

    PAULIEWOOD.COM takes you to the best of Hollywood LIVE 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Move to PAULIEWOOD to be in the middle of all the sports, fashion, night life, music, and so much more that is only available on PAULIEWOOD.COM! "If you wanna ROCK like Hollywood you gotta click on PAULIEWOOD!" PAULIEWOOD is the most outrageous, outgoing, energetic, social maniac, high drama, personality of all personalities, constantly sticking his finger where it does and doesn’t belong, getting in the middle of everything,rock star attitude, fun fun, fun, super dude if there ever was one! If there is fun to be had PAULIEWOOD is right there. I f there is drama to be created PAULIEWOOD will create it. PAULIEWOOD has two speeds: “Zero and full blast!” “I have such a great time showing others an even better time!”

  • "Today is the youngest you'll ever be so go BIG or go home!"

    PAULIEWOOD.COM will entertain the masses with a cutting edge PG-13 mentality. Stepping up to the line but never crossing it, pushing the limits without falling over. PAULIEWOOD has never had a problem doing and getting done whatever he wanted or wants to. At an early age PAULIEWOOD taught himself the ways of the world growing up in the city and suburbs of Philadelphia. He always wanted to become an entertainer/musician and an athlete. So he did. PAULIEWOOD has played in several amazing bands with great success. He has had countless roles in film and television. He has written music for film and TV and also major bands and record labels. He was a professional ice hockey goalie. PAULIEWOOD has worked with NASCAR and worked the pits during numerous races across the country. PAULIEWOOD is well rounded, knowledgeable, and overly excited about living and life. He wants to share his unique and vast talents with the world. PAULIEWOOD will be living his life LIVE so others may live life too.

  • "Giving a phenomenon a label doesn't explain it but I'm gonna try anyway!"

    PAULIEWOOD.COM’S entourage will consist of anyone and everyone that wants to participate in “living the life” with PAULIEWOOD.COM. From PAULIEWOOD’S lifelong friends that are just as fun and full of character as him to the ultra-beautiful and sexy PG’s, (Paulie’s Girls) to his celebrity, rock star musician, model, entertainer, promoter, DJ, professional athlete, pals that already want in on the PAULIEWOOD.COM phenomenon! PAULIEWOOD.COM’S staff will include the largest group of brilliant minds in the computer and entertainment industry. From technicians to plot editors PAULIEWOOD.COM will never be without the power support staff to take our fans LIVE to Hollywood on every creative and technical level. Our team will consist of a PAULIEWOOD.COM chef, interns/models, dancers, security staff, and warehouse crew that will all be part of the “Show within the Show” … Like we said: “Non-stop Action 24/7/365!”

  • "It's never too late to be what you might have been.!"

    PAULIEWOOD is a multi-talented and high energy individual that you just want to be around all the time. Take the craziest, funniest, most out going, personal, caring, happiest, passionate people grind them all up, put the contents into the nose cone of a the biggest fireworks rocket, and explode it! That’s PAULIEWOOD 24/7/365! The rapid release of “entertainment energy” a PAULIEWOOD 4th of July reaction!
    With amazing people pleasing skills and pure entertainer in his blood PAULIEWOOD lives for his too much is NEVER enough attitude! From touring in rock bands with celebrities, working the pits in NASCAR, acting in films, hosting TV shows, playing ice hockey with the LA Kings, promoting the hottest events in Hollywood, and writing music for the masses. PAULIEWOOD can do it all. Stay tuned! You just can’t wait to see what he does next!
    Born and raised in Philadelphia PA, PAULIEWOOD learned at an early age how to “hook it up and get it done”. From his years in the U.S. Air Force to living in the entertainment capital of the world, PAULIEWOOD loves living the dream and now he wants to share it with the world!
    PAULIEWOOD is definitely the most outrageous, outgoing, energetic, high drama, personality of all personalities if there ever was one.